Plant with Style Using Beautiful Natural Stone Pots and Planters


Having a beautiful, classic and elegant garden adds to the beauty of your space [home and office] and it has been said that it also keeps people who live and work in that space healthier.

Whether you are looking to step it up or soften the entry steps of a space, using containers will certainly improve the look of your garden. e.i. You can group several pots together to lead your visitor’s eyes up the staircase to the entry.

Different looking Cantera Natural Stone pots and planters are really eye catching!  Cantera natural stone pots settle colors serve as a unifying element. Each of your plants will grow in its own pot, but by grouping them, a dramatic display results. The neutral colors of  containers of natural stone allow the plants to be the star of the design.

Plant and decorate your home garden, rooftop garden or commercial space with style using natural stone pots!


Container gardening gives garden lovers the opportunity to grow an array of herbs, plants, flowers, shrubs, etc. It can be for indoors or outdoors.  Weather your are planning an all four seasons garden, a succulent gardens or something that would be  perfect for that west coast or east coast feel, we hope you’ll find the perfect container for your gardening needs in our inventory collection.

We provide high quality, custom and stock pots and planters for homeowners, landscape architects, landscape designers and interior designers. Using cantera stone, we produce rectangular, cylindrical and bowl pots and planters shapes.

Choose from our planter designs or work with us to create individual custom designs.


 Available in Vancouver, B.C. Canada


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Contact us with your ideas. We also work on a custom project basis.

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