Cantera Natural Stone Tiles & Stone

When you are looking to design and build awe-inspiring interior and exterior spaces, whether you want to make a statement or simply have a space that needs to impress, consider Amando Natural Stone for every interior and exterior project. Create original and stylish gardens, outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, gardens or backyards that suit your lifestyle and taste using interesting and colorful tile and architectural accents, choose from a variety of wall tile and flooring tile, fireplaces, fountains, columns, pedestals, table bases and more only from Amando. Custom orders are invited.

Luxury  is in the details, workmanship and our clients discerning good taste.



Summary Information

Material: Cantera Tile

Price: Cantera range from $7-$13 per sqft

Minimum order: *

Total price depends on the complexity of the order, contact us to order this item.



Shape, Size & Pattern

Shape: Square and Rectangular

Tile sizes: 12”X12”,12”X24”,  16”X16”, 16” X24”


Color & Finish

Color: Various colors

Finishes: Honed Smooth and Honed Rustic*

Ask for availability *


Recommended Rooms

All Rooms

Flooring and Wall Covering, home décor and architectural designs for interiors and exteriors (some products are only suitable for interior or covered areas). Please contact us for more information.


Custom handcrafted designs  

Columns | Balustrade Systems | Fireplaces  | Fountains  | Moldings | Table Bases | Pedestals

  • Kitchen
  • Powder Room
  • Bathroom
  • Outdoor
  • Living Spaces

    Please reference Recommended Use & Requirements.

Recommended Use & Requirements

All Uses

  • Wet areas
  • Residential floor and wall tile
  • Suitable for all indoor wall and medium traffic flooring applications
  • Does not comply with ADA slip requirements in wet environments
  • Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation
  • This material is affected by freeze/thaw




Installation & Maintenance

  • Natural Stone needs to be Installed per industry standards for natural stone
  • Always inspect material prior to installation, installed material cannot be accepted for return or credit
  • Always lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color
  • It is recommended to seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer
  • Periodic cleaning and resealing is recommended using products formulated for natural stone

It is recommended that all tile products and related materials be installed as per TTMAC standards.



PLEASE NOTE: variations in color, shade, surface texture and size are natural characteristics of all our stone products and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.